My daughter is 7 years old and in 2nd grade! She is a lovely writer with a creative imagination, but she struggles when it comes to math and numbers overall. I enrolled her in tutoring at Churchill Academy, and I saw her test scores, but more importantly, her confidence improve. She loves Ms. Nancy and says that she is the only person who knows how to make math fun. Couldn’t recommend this program enough!”

- Taylor Wilson

I enrolled my oldest son in Kumon when he was struggling in school, but he didn’t enjoy the program and dreaded doing his course work. I decided to give this program a try and was very surprised! He suddenly became very motivated and engaged in his coursework, and I couldn’t be more proud. It’s like these tutors have a magic wand.”

- Nicole Evans

My son suffers from ADHD, so it’s very hard to motivate him to study and learn. My wife and I tried private tutors who came to the house and well as talking to his teachers about what we could do better at home. They recommended we enroll in Churchill Academy, and to be honest we were weary of it. To our surprise, Mr. Drew was able to find a way to break through to our son and teach him in a manner that works for him. We will definitely be sticking around.”

- Thomas Mccarthy