Frequently asked questions

How long are tutoring lessons?

Each lesson is 1 hour of one-on-one time with our excellent tutors. Unfortunately, we can only offer one lesson a day per student due to the amount of students we serve!

Do you offer group classes?

Because we offer personalized lesson plans for each student of ours, we do not offer group lessons. We believe that one-on-one time allows for students to get the most out of their time at Churchill Academy.

Can tutors come to the my house to give lessons?

In-person lessons are only offered at our office, but we do provide online tutoring via Skype if your child is unable to be dropped at our office. The rate for online and in-person are the same, and your child will still receive the same quality of instruction.

Do you offer special programs for gifted students?

Yes we do! If your child excels on the benchmark test assigned to their grade level, we will request they take a higher level test. Based on their performance, we will custom build an academic program suited to their skill level.

Can you help my child with their homework or do you only offer instruction for your curriculum?

We are more than happy to help your children with their school work! If they would like to spend half their session working on homework and the other half on our program. We believe in customization and doing whatever it takes for your child to succeed academically.

What is the price per lesson?

We offer different packages to suit your tutoring needs. Our Special Education Tutoring service does not cost more than our regular tutoring. Request a free quote here.

Got more questions?

If our FAQ did not provide the answers you needed, feel free to send us a message using the form below. To request a free quote or a consultation, use this form instead. We will get back to you as soon as possible!


My son suffers from ADHD, so it’s very hard to motivate him to study and learn. My wife and I tried private tutors who came to the house and well as talking to his teachers about what we could do better at home. They recommended we enroll in Churchill Academy, and to be honest we were weary of it. To our surprise, Mr. Drew was able to find a way to break through to our son and teach him in a manner that works for him. We will definitely be sticking around.”

- Taylor Wilson