More information on Independent School

An Independent School is a school that is independent in a variety of ways; with how it is governed, its finances and in most cases why it is not dependent on national or local government to finance its day-to-day operations. In addition, an independent school is not dependent on taxpayer contributions. Instead, it is funded by tuition charges and donations.

More information on Independent School

Reasons to attend a private school

There are several reasons why some choose a private school for their son or daughter. One reason is the individual attention that is given to students. In most cases, the average size of an independent class is between 10-15 students. In addition, discipline is not a problem in private schools because students at a private school want to learn and because the code of conduct is enforced. Another reason why some choose this kind of school is because the parents are actively involved in their child's education.

What are the academic issues in a private school?

In most private schools teachers don't have to teach to a test. This causes a teacher to focus on teaching a child how to think. In addition, private schools don't have to worry about the pressures of accounting for their students. Even though they must meet or exceed state curriculum and graduation minimum requirements, they are only accountable to their clientele.

Other reasons many like private schools

One big reason why some parents choose an independent school is the balanced program they provide their students. Keep in mind, a balanced program may be equal portions of sports, academics and extracurricular activities. For example, at some private schools, Wednesdays are only a half day of classes and a half-day of sports. Another important part of private schools that many like is that there often is some kind of religious teaching that is provided at the school. Private schools, because they are private, can teach religion or ignore teaching religion, depending on the goals and philosophy of the school.

To conclude, independent schools are schools that are independent in several ways; with how it is governed, its finances and in most cases is not dependent on national or local government to finance its operations. Talk with a counselor of a private school and find out if this educational option would work for your child. With the many benefits these schools offer, it may be the right choice for your child!